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Advanced Technology

eye exams using advanced technology in Mississauga

Optomap Retinal Exam

optomap for retinal eye exams in Mississauga, On

An Optomap® Retinal Exam provides:
  • A complete scan to detect the healthy eye or any disease.
  • Optimal viewing of the retina offers a most detailed view.
  • The opportunity to view and discuss your own dynamic Optomap® image with your doctor during your exam.
  • A permanent file-record provides comparison of your annual images for observable changes.

The Optomap® Retinal Exam is fast, easy, and comfortable for all ages. You simply look into the device with each eye and observe a comfortable flash of light whereby an image of your retina is recorded. The Optomap® image is available immediately on the computer screen to be reviewed with the patient.

For more information on the Optomap® Retinal Exam, visit this Optos web page.

LASIK Co-Management

We are also happy to be your Mississauga eye care practice of choice for LASIK co-management. We will make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK and help you through both the pre- and post-operation period, to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you get the most out of your sight!