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Our Mississauga Eyecare Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Mississauga, ON

Regular eye examsMississauga Eye Exams are essential for keeping your vision clear and your eyes in top health. Even if you have no visual complaints, our expert eye examinations are the best way for you to prevent future complications or vision loss. No matter your age or physical condition, we’re waiting to take a close look at your eyes in our Mississauga office – contact us to schedule an appointment today!

What happens during an eye exam?

Eye Exams in MississaugaWe treat every patient as an individual, with unique vision requirements and lifestyle demands, and our eye exams are customized to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at the basic steps of what to expect:

  1. Case History: you’ll be asked to share information about your general health, medications and family eye history, in addition to any ocular symptoms.
  2. Visual Skills: we’ll assess your pupils’ response to light, peripheral and color vision, and eye mobility. Binocularity (eye teaming) and focusing skills will be evaluated. These tests are quick and painless.
  3. Visual Acuity: the quality of your eyesight will be checked. You’ll need to read an eye chart, and using a phoropter (series of different lenses) we’ll ask you to provide feedback about what which lenses give you the clearest vision.
  4. Eye Health: with the help of a high-powered lens, our optometrist will examine your retina and the tissues at the back of your eye. Dilating eye drops will generally be inserted prior to this part of the exam. A comprehensive inspection of your inner eye is the optimal way to diagnose or rule out eye disease. We also offer the Optomap Retinal Exam as a highly accurate, detailed method for detecting any abnormalities in your eyes. To check for glaucoma, the fluid pressure of your eye will be measured with a tonometer.

After we complete our examination of your eyes, our optometrist will discuss the findings with you. Together, we’ll determine the ideal treatment for your ocular condition.