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Educational Literature

Questions About Your Eyes?

If you have questions about various eye topics we have put together a great resource. In the library you can find answers to questions such as:

Pediatric Vision Questions:

When does your child need an eye exam?

Are Mississauga school vision screenings enough for your kids?

Can my child wear contact lenses?

When should I bring my baby to Dr. Michael Banducci for an eye test?

What can be done about my child’s nearsightedness?

How is vision related to school performance?

Contact Lenses:

What type of contact lens is best for your lifestyle in Mississauga?

Do I need bifocal or multifocal contacts?

Who should choose hard lenses?

Can you correct vision without surgery?

What are contact lens solutions for those with astigmatism?

Eye Exams Explained:

Why do you need a yearly eye exam in Mississauga?

How can you prepare for your eye exam at Dr Michael Banducci’s?

What happens during a routine eye exam? What terms do you need to know?

Misc. Eye Care Information:

  • Vision Surgery Info
  • Eye conditions and diseases
  • Your vision as you age
  • Info for those who play sports
  • Low vision explained
  • Your vision Insurance


Visit our Library of optometric content to find out more about the topics that pertain to you.